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  • Slats for all brands of bottle fillers including Merrill, Lakso, IPS, King & others - compatibility guaranteed.

  • All work done in-house: design, engineering, production, quality control and testing. Nothing is outsourced.

  • 20 years of experience in the bottle filling slat industry.

  • Industry-leading product quality, superior customer service, fast turn times and competitive pricing. 

proprietary pricing
  • Custom-designed slats and fast delivery for new product introductions.

  • Slats for tablets, capsules and soft gels including odd sizes, difficult shapes and unique contours or materials.

  • Custom solutions for existing slats experiencing fill errors, false rejects and other efficiency problems resulting in lost production and reduced throughput times.

  • Proven track record of supplying solutions and answers, not just a product.

proprietary pricing

  • Colors and designs to integrate seamlessly with visual inspection systems.

  • Tongue in groove slats.

  • Blade ejector slats to ensure positive purging of all product.

  • Slats with or without cradles.

proprietary pricing
  • Machined from superior normalized HDPE on our highly precise CNC machines.

  • Designed and manufactured to cGMP guidelines with IQ/OQ documentation.

  • Sample slat available on new orders to ensure optimal performance. We can duplicate any existing slat and guarantee a satisfactory fill rate when provided with an existing product.

proprietary pricing
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